Cleanse Your Chakras 101

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Our chakras are integral energy centers of our body. When we find our lives out balance we can often begin the shift to balance by cleansing and realigning our chakras. Doing a simple ritual or process of cleansing and realignment when we need it, can start to move our energy towards a more centered and balanced self.  Here's how to do it:

1. Toning with your voice or a singing bowl at each chakra by intuitive sound of the chakra.

Start at your root chakra and tone the sound that comes from your connection to that chakra. This is an intuitive process. There is no perfection needed. Push any thoughts of judgment aside.  

When using a meditation singing bowl, enjoy the tone created. 

Continue toning the chakra until the note or sound becomes clearer and clearer. It will sound clear, it will feel clear, there will be a shift. You may also feel a clarity within you a knowing that its clear.  If you don't have the shift that comes when it is clear, that's ok!  Just move on to the next. This is an intuitive process and your intuition will grow as you do this. 

Use this process through each chakra  

2.  Use a pendulum over each chakra.

Take your cleansed pendulum and stand or sit comfortably with your feet on the floor.  Establish your connection with your pendulum by asking for a Yes and a No. 

Once the connection is made, take your pendulum and concentrate on your root chakra.  If your pendulum swings in the negative direction or no direction, connect to your root and visualize white light or love flowing into and out from the chakra. Imagine any blocks or stuck energies being dissolved by this light.

Use your pendulum to determine if it's clear. It should rotate clockwise or the established Yes you created. Once your pendulum rotates in a clockwise direction, move to the next chakra.  

For the third eye and crown, hold your pendulum in front of you where you can observe it and focus on the chakra to establish a link.

Another beautiful and ceremonial way to clear your chakras is to use your own energy.  You can simply touch each chakra with your hand or hands and envision light or energy flowing into each chakra.  Make sure to breathe into each chakra as you do this process.

Happy cleansing and realigning!